Lisa Drinkwater

Owner and Florist

I’ve had a passion for seasonal flowers for as long as I can remember. My love of flowers begaan growing up in a Market Gardening family and helping my Grandad in the fields for hours. I take my inspiration from the countryside and cottage gardens that surround me in the North Cotswolds. Having trained at Warwickshire College, I have now been a florist for over 13 years, started my career at my Husband’s family fruit and veg shop – Drinkwaters. When the shop closed I then branched out on my own and now I have my own dream little shop (actually next door to the old fruit and veg shop!). My spare time is taken up by my dancing daughter, my beloved pets and my love of History.

What I love to do most:
  • Making Christmas Wreaths
  • watching my daughter perform
  • historical re-enactment
  • Creating window displays – especially for Scuttlebrook!

  • Making Bepoke Funeral tributes
  • Genealogy
  • Chill with my pets

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